About The Author Florence Swara:

Florence Swara was born on February 20, 1962
She is a style and social sensibility expert known as the director, author, and owner of the online fashion store One Dress A Day. Her chic, unique personal style, with a bit of a modern twist and out of the ordinary has also brought her more than 6.4 million followers on the Fanpage Facebook.

About The Author Florence Swara
About The Author Florence Swara

Before Becoming Famous:

Bringing in her artistic blood and passion for fashion since she was in school. She was in middle school when she first fell in love with fashion. She started her design career at the age of 18 by designing her own dresses and t-shirts and selling them to local stores. In addition, she also designs unique t-shirts and sells them on websites to earn extra income for herself and her desire is to have her own brand.

Then, as an adult, she created One Dress A Day as a way to sell her dresses and t-shirts. She was the author of the best-selling unique designs of the time. She has fulfilled her childhood dream with her own ability. This is an extraordinary energy that young people today should have to succeed

Subsidiary Information:

In September 2013, Florence Swara launched her self-titled fashion YouTube channel. Her other social networking sites are also increasingly known to young people such as Instagram, Twitter…

Florence Swara’s Family Life and Success:

Florence Swara was originally from Florida, then she settled in North Carolina in the United States shortly after building One Dress A Day. Currently, the One Dress A Day system is increasingly attracting the attention of young people and a large number of users who like to shop.

The annual revenue of One Dress A Day is a number that many businesses are wishing for. One Dress A Day’s headquarters is 220 Morganton SW Blvd; Lenoir, NC 28645-5219, United States