How T-Shirts Are Made In America

How T-Shirts Are Made In America

T-shirts are versatile clothing that can be worn all seasons of the year. Since its creation in 1920, t-shirts have grown into a two billion dollar market. How T-Shirts Are Made?

How T-Shirts Are Made In America?

Most t-shirts are made from 100% Cotton, Polyester, or a blend of cotton and polyester. Environmentally conscious producers can use organically grown cotton and natural dyes.

In the United States the raw material is cotton fibers grown in the eastern fields of the southern United States. Stretch t-shirts are made from knitted fabrics, especially shirts and long sleeves. Knitted fabrics include ribbed knits and interwoven ribbed knits. Shirts are used most often because they are comfortable and relatively inexpensive. How T-Shirts Are Made? They are also a popular material for applying silkscreen and heat transfer prints. Ribbed knits are often used when flexibility is desired. Many of the higher quality t-shirts are made with a durable ribbed knit. Some jerseys are tubular, simplifying the production process and product costs by reducing the number of seams. How T-Shirts Are Made?

How T-Shirts Are Made In America can be briefly described as follows:

  1. Styling

Select the type of t-shirt to be produced according to the specified size.

  1. Cut

T-shirt sections are cut according to the sample size such as: sleeves, bodice, collar.

  1. Assemble the shirt components

Based on the sample size the shirt components are assembled by seams.

  1. Sew the hem

Based on the characteristics of the shirt, they are sewn according to the original design.

  1. Sewing more pockets

For t-shirts with pockets, additional pockets will be sewn according to the manufacturer’s design.

  1. Print shirt

Manufacturers will use printers to print designs onto shirts using either DTG or thermal transfer technology.

  1. Quality check

Shirts after printing need to go through a check to see if there is a seam or printing error. If there is an error, it will be ignored by the manufacturer so that the customer has the best quality product.

  1. Labeling

These are labels that inform product specifications and manufacturer brands.

How T-Shirts Are Made In America
How T-Shirts Are Made In America

How Is A Shirt Made Step By Step?

As we have provided above. How to make a t-shirt step by step will be different due to the size of the shirt, the fabric and the printing technology. How to make a t-shirt step by step from the most basic will be as follows:

  1. Farming

Growing cotton requires a long growing period, warm weather and plenty of watering.

  1. Ginning

This is the process of separating the cotton lint from the grain

  1. Spinning

Pull cotton lint into yarn.

  1. Knitting

The yarn is spun into the fabric by pulling the loops through the stitch through each other.

  1. Finishing

After being knitted, the fabric must be treated to make it clean and ready for production.

  1. Cutting

The process of creating a bodice and sleeve from a fabric tube.

  1. Sewing

The final process creates the shirt to join the bodice and sleeves.

  1. Printing

Print design on shirt

  1. Dyeing

Depending on the material of the t-shirt, it can be dyed after printing to increase the sharpness of the shirt color.

  1. Final Tee

Check and label. The shirt is ready to use.

How Is A Shirt Made Step By Step
How Is A Shirt Made Step By Step

What Material Is Used For T-Shirts?

The fabric plays an important part in how long the t-shirt will last, how it will feel, and whether it’s a good print surface. How T-Shirts Are Made?

The main material that makes up a t-shirt is mostly cotton, polyester, or a mixture of them. Each material has its use. Depending on the purpose and usage of the user, we can choose the appropriate type of material.

Cotton is the most widely used natural fabric in the world. Almost all types of t-shirts must include cotton fabric. It has the following basic characteristics:

Cotton And Its Characteristics. How T-Shirts Are Made
Cotton And Its Characteristics. How T-Shirts Are Made

– Comfortable

– Fresh air

– Biodegradable

– Durable

– Absorb

Polyester is the most popular synthetic fabric in the world. This is a material derived from petroleum. It has the following basic characteristics:

Polyester And Its Characteristics
Polyester And Its Characteristics, How T-Shirts Are Made

– Light-weight

– Anti-wrinkle

– Extremely durable

– Easy to take care of

– Moisture resistant

Linen is a natural fabric best suited for summer. It is created from the plant fiber of the flax plant and has a textured weave. Linen has the following basic characteristics:

Linen And Its Characteristics
Linen And Its Characteristics, How T-Shirts Are Made

– Extremely durable

– Dries quickly

– Fresh air

– Castle

– Absorb

So we have a basic understanding of fabrics and How T-Shirts Are Made. We will update the latest and fastest fashion information at One Dress A Day Store.

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