Investigate Interesting Points About Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight

Investigate Interesting Points About Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight

One of the hottest multiplayer horror games right now is Dead by Daylight. One player plays the killer, and four players play the survivors. And surely you will know Jill Valentine Dead by daylight. Jill Valentine is arguably the most famous Resident Evil character. She appeared in many games from the beginning, making her inclusion in Dead By Daylight an easy and expected decision. Through this article, let’s learn about the interesting legend of Jill Valentine, Dead by daylight.

Who Is Jill Valentine?

Jill Valentine is a character in Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan), a survival horror video game series created by the Japanese company Capcom. She was introduced as one of two player characters in the original Resident Evil (1996).

Jill Valentine is one of the founding members of S.T.A.R.S. and also the one who has won countless bio-organic weapons.

What happened to Jill Valentine? Her Perks, CounterforceIconPerks, ResurgenceIconPerks, and Blast MineIconPerks, allow her to fight back indirectly while offering vital support to her teammates. After Jill Valentine bravely rescued her party members from a devastating biological disaster, she returned to save the survivors left behind in Raccoon City.

But a ruthless and dangerous super-soldier named Nemesis is after her. Jill rushes down to the basement and unlocks a cold room after dealing multiple blows to The Nemesis. Once inside, her body was paralyzed as a black mist enveloped her.

Who Is Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight
Who Is Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight

What Is The Story Behind The Game?

In the game, Jill comes up against a crazed psychopath known as William Birkin, who, like Leon, she manages to defeat. Jill then had to undergo surgery to remove a parasite lodged in her head that had controlled her mind. After surgery, Jill was put into cryogenic sleep. However, after the events of Resident Evil 7, Jill wakes up and makes her way to a flooded shopping mall to find her old partner Leon.

In Dead by Daylight, Jill Valentine is now a killer. She hunts down her old partner, Leon, and skins him for a trophy. However, if players catch her, she can also be peeled.

What Is The Story Behind The Game Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight
What Is The Story Behind The Game Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight

How To Play Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight?

Dead by Daylight (DBD) is a survival horror video game where players are pitted against each other in a violent game of cat and mouse. Players assume the role of a victim being chased by a killer. The runner’s objective is to evade the hunter for as long as possible, while the hunter aims to kill the victim. Players can explore an open world, gathering information on their surroundings and searching for clues about the killer as the story progresses.

The game began as a Kickstarter campaign and was released on June 7, 2017, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Dead by Daylight is available for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight Perks


  • Description: You already know how to fight enemies more critically than you do. Start by hunting down and knocking down their support.
  • Effect: You clear the totem 20% faster. After washing the totem, for 2/3/4 seconds, you will see the totem aura furthest away from you and gain a stackable 20% speed bonus for cleaning the totem for the rest of the time test.
  • “I don’t mind a little detective work.” — Jill Valentine 
Unique Perks Of Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight
Unique Perks Of Jill Valentine Dead by daylight


  • Description: You’ve come back from near-impossible odds, and you’ll do it again.
  • Effect: After being unhooked or unhooking yourself, instantly gain 40/45/50 % to your Healing progress.
  • “It’s my turn, bitch!” — Jill Valentine

Blast Mine:

  • Description: When direct combat isn’t an option, you still find ways to strike back.
  • Effect: Blast Mine will activate after completing 66% total repair progress on the generator. Press the Activity button to install the trap after repairing the generator for at least 3 seconds, and this trap will stay active for 40/45/50 seconds. Survivors with a yellow aura will be shown the affected generator. Only one web can be busy on the generator. The trap exploded when the Trap Generator Damaged the Killer, stunning them and blinding anyone nearby. Blast Mine stops working after successful activation or if the timer runs out.
  • You want STARS? I’ll give you STARS! -Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight Outfits

Here are all the costumes that Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight can equip:

Default Outfit:

When you buy the Resident Evil pack and get Jill Valentine, she will be equipped with her appearance in Resident Evil 3 Remake. She wears new hair, a blue tank top, and dark jeans with a STARS badge on her belt.

Prestigious Costumes:

After outwitting Jill Valentine, you’ll earn variations of her ordinary blood-soaked outfit. The first prestige point gives you a Gory Tank Top, the second is Blood Dripping Denim, and the third is After-Battle Jill Valentine.

Waterproof Agent:

The Impervious Agent is an outfit you can buy in the in-game store to dress Jill as she was wearing in the original Resident Evil 3 game. She still wears the same hairstyle but with a skirt and a tank top.

Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight Outfits
Jill Valentine Dead By Daylight Outfits

Claire Redfield:

Claire Redfield is another purchasable outfit that is a complete swap for another classic Resident Evil character that appeared in Resident Evil 2 Remake alongside Leon Kennedy. She’s wearing jeans, a red jacket, and a ponytail.

Seasonal Explosion:

Season’s Blasting can also be purchased from the store, but it is not a complete outfit. It’s just an ugly purple Christmas cardigan with the STARS and Raccoon City Police Department logos.

Jill Valentine Dead by daylight, is one of Dead by Daylight’s newest assassins. If you are a lover of horror games, this is the option you should try. Above are the summary of Jill Valentine that One Dress A Day we bring to you. If you don’t know this game yet, find it and give it a try.

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