Helpful Ideas Valentines Day Activities For School

Helpful Ideas Valentine’s Day Activities For School

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate in the classroom and can be used to promote generosity and teamwork. Use these ideas to create an excellent show for the kids on Valentine’s Day. Here are 21+ helpful ideas for Valentine’s Day activities for the school.

1. Jar of Hearts

One of the standout school Valentine’s Day activity ideas is a jar of hearts. Students love the candy heart estimation jar! Have students put in a guess about how many cores are in the jar. Then create their jar of hearts for your interactive bulletin board like this! Your students will love giving and receiving all the love.

2. Craft Beaded Hearts

Students can create heart-shaped beaded crafts with simple supplies such as pipe cleaners and beads. Fix the pipe cleaner into a heart shape and thread the beads until you finish it. Next step, twist the ends together, ensuring the dots stay in place.

3. Make Valentine’s Day Cards

Although Valentine’s Day lessons are packed with arts and crafts, younger students and beginners alike will love this, and you can give them practice listening to instructions like folding, cutting, and pasting. Rather than have your class create the same valentine, let them choose the types of materials and patterns they want to use but be sure to show them some examples. English will be the focus of the last stage of the lesson when students have to write a message on their cards. Introduce some simple classic Valentine’s Day messages.

Make Valentines Day Cards - Ideas Valentine's Day Activities For School
Make Valentines Day Cards – Ideas Valentine’s Day Activities For School

4. Valentine’s Day Listening

Listen to a romantic song. In the textbook, it is possible to determine which grammar point you want to focus on, and it will affect your song choice.
You can listen to the song, fill in the blanks, answer some reading comprehension questions, and discuss the song’s meaning.

5. Love Grows Everywhere

There’s nothing better than a few notes of kindness spread throughout the room. Reading books on Valentine’s Day is a great way to spread classroom love. The book Love Grows Everywhere is a beautiful intro to a kid’s Valentine’s Day! Here are the ideas for valentine’s day activities for school that we recommend for you.

6. Add Things I Heart

Using the heart-shaped pocket they created, have students draw pictures of the things they heart (love) in their lives. Older students can write the associated words on the other side. Examples can be people, pets, sports, food, things, and more that make the student feel happy and loved. Put these pictures inside the heart.

Add Things I Heart
Add Things I Heart – Ideas Valentine’s Day Activities For School

7. Height Of Hearts

Opportunities for students to measure their growth are few and far between. Get your classroom walls ready for Valentine’s season with this super cute size heart chart! Your students will love to record their heights!

8. Create A Heart Tree

On a classroom wall, create a tree’s stump and bare branches. You can then ask students to decorate a large heart cut out of craft paper. Ask them to illustrate that heart however they like. It can be a reflection of their interests, favorite things, or simply artistic and beautiful. Then, use the seats to create the tree leaves, showing how each person adds unique beauty to the tree of life.

9. Valentine’s Day Around The World

Talk about Valentine’s Day celebrated in countries around the world. For example, in the United States, women often receive gifts on Valentine’s Day, while in Japan, men receive gifts on Valentine’s Day, and women receive gifts on White Valentine’s Day in March.
You can also lead this discussion by reading or asking students what they know about Valentine’s Day and giving them some information to keep in mind.

Valentines Day Around The World
Valentine’s Day Around The World – Ideas Valentine’s Day Activities For School

10. Design A Valentine’s Day Play-doh Table

One of the suggestions for Ideas Valentine’s Day activities for school is Play-doh. Mix Play-doh batches with pink, red, and purple colors, then add some sparkles and other add-ons to customize to your liking.
Finally, place cookie cutters shaped like angels, stars, hearts, etc., to create a Play-doh turntable that all kids will love.

11. Valentine’s Day Discussion Activity

Prepare a relevant discussion topic. You can choose a romantic short story (The Origins of Saint Valentine’s Day) or talk about how people express love or affection towards various people. Specific topics will appeal more to the students in your class, so make your selection accordingly.

12. Write Valentine’s Day Poems

Have your students compose their verses. You can introduce this theme with one as simple as “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.” Students can decide whether to write Valentine’s Day-themed poems or not. Depending on the student’s ability, introduce some easy examples and have students follow the rhythm.

Write Valentines Day Poems
Write Valentines Day Poems – Ideas Valentine’s Day Activities For School

13. Create A Love Campaign

Ask students to create a campaign that encourages people to be kind and show love to one another. Their movement should include the following:

  • A tagline or slogan
  • An image or logo to go with their brand.
  • A short, fun commercial-length presentation.

Teamwork is especially effective on Valentine’s Day projects, and you can add a presentation element. Take a video of the best campaigns in each class and showcase it in school-wide meetings to encourage kindness. Always get student permission before featuring to maintain trust within the classroom.

14. Craft Up Some Valen-slime!

If you don’t like the ooey-gooey romantic side of Valentine’s Day? Let’s make it viscous in a different way with some Valen slime! It would be best if you had students participate in other parts of the slime-making process and call on them individually or in small groups to contribute.

15. Make A Heart Collage

Have students collect different textured materials and cut or shape hearts in various sizes. They can glue them to paper for easy artistic creation. It can be a fun independent art activity, or you can divide students into groups to practice being creative in collaboration with their peers.

Make A Heart Collage
Make A Heart Collage – Ideas Valentine’s Day Activities For School

16. Love Note Post Office

A cute little day card project like this ensures students are mailing their love notes. Using a piece of construction paper and a shoebox, you can easily make this post box a decorating contest throughout the classrooms.

17. Valentine’s Day Creative Writing

What do older students like to write about love? Look for free love-related ideas online and allow students time to write poetry on the topic. Or, you could create a fun writing exercise to spark creativity, such as placing three Valentine-themed objects on the table and telling students they must weave all the items—the object into his story with themes of love, heartbreak, and kindness.

18. Make Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottles

Ideas Valentine’s Day Activities For School: Sensory bottles teach emotional regulation. About a month before Valentine’s Day, start drinking water bottles that are shaped to match the sensory bottles and save them.

Then, on Day of the Year, find a simple-feeling bottle recipe, like the Valentine’s-Feeling Bottle post on Teach Mom, and make them in class.

19. Toilet Paper Hearts

Art classes are the best spot to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Celebrate with this whole class heart collage, and your students will love this art project. Using simple supplies like banner paper and toilet paper rolls, your students will love this creation.

Toilet Paper Hearts
Toilet Paper Hearts – Ideas Valentine’s Day Activities For School

20. Heart Hopscotch

Let’s get our kids up and active during those cold February months! Unique valentine’s heart hopscotch will be a cute way to bring Valentine’s decorations and colors into an indoor recess or some free time!

21. Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window

The final recommendation about Ideas for Valentine’s Day Activities For School in this article is tissue paper stained glass windows. An artistic creation based on your student’s inner artist. This beautiful tissue paper window decoration will light up any classroom! Use it on your windows or display it in big windows throughout your school. Your students will love to see their creations throughout the building.
Valentine’s Day is an excellent day to make your class a little more special. Even though this is the shortest month of the year, these 20+ Valentine’s Day Activities For School ideas will motivate you to prepare for a month full of fun and creative lessons that inspire learning. And a community with your student group.

And if you are more interested, you can visit our One Dess A Day website to learn more about valentine’s and gift ideas for the occasion.

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