Valentines Day Arts and Crafts For Toddlers Can Do Easily

Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts For Toddlers Can Do Easily

Making crafts is a fun way to spend quality time with your toddler, and with February 14 coming, you should try some of these Valentine’s Day arts and crafts for toddlers. At this age kids love to explore different materials, these Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers are short and sweet; you should be able to complete most of them in just a few minutes, which is great since we all know how short a toddler’s attention span can be.

Valentine’s Day Arts And Crafts For Toddlers Can Do Easily

Here are 15 Valentine’s Day arts and crafts for toddlers that teachers, caregivers, parents, grandparents…anyone with young kids…can try with their little ones.

Fingerprint Heart Canvas Keepsake

The first Valentine’s day arts and crafts for toddlers can do easily which we present to you as fingerprint heart canvas keepsake.  Our Fingerprint Heart Poem Keepsake is a sweet gift to make for a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle. It’s a wonderful way to remember just how small your children were when making those tiny little fingerprints. It will look so cute on your mantle or console table this Valentine’s Day and long after!

Handprint Frame

Salt dough may be the ideal medium for Valentine crafts. Easy to mix and safe for kids, it lets you and your toddler make adorable, enduring keepsakes, like these handprint frames from Messy Little Monster. We love that they serve up a double dose of nostalgia, preserving both your child’s little handprint and a picture of him at the age the print was captured.

Valentine's Day Arts and Crafts For Toddlers - Handprint Frame
Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts For Toddlers – Handprint Frame

Candy Heart XO

This Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers is as easy as taking candy from a baby—or in this case, letting her create something special with it! Start with large foam letters (an X and an O) and let your little one glue candy hearts on them for a sweet finished product. Find the full set of instructions at Carrie Elle: A Lifestyle Blog.

Cupid Arrow Craft

You can’t get any easier than our Cupid Arrow Heart Craft! This is a crazy easy Valentine’s day arts and crafts for toddlers. You could use them as bookmarks or put magnets on the back to decorate your fridge a little.

Bubble Wrap Painting Picture Frame

You’re going to love the textured look of our Bubble Wrap Painted Picture Frame. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, and you can put a cute little message from your kiddo in the frame or a sweet picture. This keepsake can be enjoyed year-round!

Bubble Wrap Painting Picture Frame 1
Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts For Toddlers – Bubble Wrap Painting Picture Frame 1

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

The best Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers are easy for little hands to manage. And what’s easier (and cheaper!) than Valentine crafts made with toilet paper rolls? Pretty Prudent explains how to transform these common household items into heart stampers. Simply dip them in red or pink paint and let your little cupid go to town!

DIY Heart Stamp Art

If you’re a crafty parent at heart, it’s never too early to get your kids involved in your artsy endeavors. That said, it can be challenging to find a craft your toddler can pull off solo. Never fear: This super-cute Valentine’s day arts and crafts for toddlers from Fantastic Fun and Learning keeps things simple for even the littlest ones. It brilliantly uses clothespins to transform foam heart stickers into stampers, and with their easy-to-grasp handle, they’re perfect for tiny hands.

Rainbow Heart Valentine Craft

Keep things mess free with this rainbow heart craft that is just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t fancy a rainbow heart!? Not a problem it is easy to mix up this no mess painting by changing the colors or even the shape. Toddlers will have a ball!

Rainbow Heart Valentine Craft
Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts For Toddlers – Rainbow Heart Valentine Craft

Puffy Paper Bag Hearts

Looking to take your child’s fingerprint art to the next level? Happy Hooligans shows you how to make a paper bag into a puffy heart decorated in finger paint. Little kids will need help stitching the heart together with yarn, but the cuteness sure is worth it! If you’re worried about the level of mess, you can use stampers instead of fingers to apply the paint.

Cosmic Hearts

These bright and beautiful Cosmic Hearts by I Heart Crafty Things are dreamy! They definitely need to be turned into a garland for your Valentine’s Day party so all can enjoy them. The two-ingredient glossy paint featured here is a great recipe to add to your collection of toddler-safe paints.

Heart Suncatcher

Toddlers love sparkly things, don’t they? This Heart Suncatcher by Happiness is Homemade fits the bill. Your toddler can add whatever sparkly things you can find, like sequins, confetti, glitter, and pretty bits of tissue paper. You really can’t go wrong with this design it will look fabulous no matter what!

Heart Suncatcher
Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts For Toddlers – Heart Suncatcher

Conversation Heart Caterpillar

Kids love caterpillar crafts, and this Conversation Heart Caterpillar by Artsy Momma is a cute and easy choice for Valentine’s Day. If you can’t find the conversation heart stickers, any heart stickers will do. See what other bugs you can create with heart shapes while you’re working on this one!

Paper Heart Garland

Paging Supermom brings us another paper craft perfectly suited to the preschool crowd. After all, it’s not Valentine’s Day without a garland of paper hearts, right? Make it short to keep things simple, or challenge your kids to get from one side of the room to the other. Either way, we’re sure they’ll put their whole hearts into this one.

Construction Paper Heart

Construction paper projects often make the best Valentine’s day arts and crafts for toddlers, letting them practice important fine motor skills like cutting and folding—and this one is no exception! Find step-by-step instructions at Simply Today Life.

Tissue Paper Valentine Wreath

Tissue paper crafts are great for little hands that are developing their grasping skills. This Paper Plate Valentine’s Day Wreath by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops is a super easy Valentine’s Day project for toddlers. Parents need to cut out the centre, add the heart cellophane to the middle section, and then let the kids glue tissue paper squares all around.

Above are Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts For Toddlers that you want to surprise your partner with some heartfelt artwork for toddlers. Or perhaps your school-age kids want to make their own special Valentine gifts for their classmates. One Dress A Day hopes you and your kids will have a happy and meaningful holiday.

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