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Meaning of Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day is the holiday associated with the name Valentine and February 14 because it is based on a long-standing legend. The story goes that, in a faraway land, there was a dictator who wanted to forbid men and women from loving each other.But even if he forbids it by all means, lovers still come together. Touched by these sincere feelings, Bishop Valentine sacrificed his life to accompany the lovers to Heaven.On the day of her execution, the priest left a few lines thanking her for her friendship and loyalty. He signed "Love from Your Valentine". This message was written on February 14, 269 AD.Lovers choose this day to honor love and to express the truth "love is immortal". And Valentine's Day was born! Valentine is an occasion for lovers to express their feelings to their other half. On this day, people give each other chocolates, red roses, cards filled with love or other meaningful gifts such as love shirts, rings, necklaces...

What's in our Valentine's Day collection

In the Valentine's Day collection in our store you will find many shirts with beautiful designs and current fashion trends.Join us to discover what Valentines Day Shirts has 

Cute Valentines Day Shirts

In love, cuteness and likability are always the most intuitive effects on the feelings of two people. So if you are in the process of finding out or you want to warm up your feelings, these are the perfect shirts to help your feelings flourish. Guaranteed when wearing Cute Valentines Day Shirts you will become young and lovely in the eyes of your lover. 

Funny Valentine's Day Shirts

 According to our unofficial statistics, humor is one of the factors that make the other person notice and like you. Funny Valentine's Day Shirts is also a subtle appreciation of your intelligence. Because through the funny designs that you are wearing is a message of love that your lover wants to send.And above all, funny couples will bond stronger and love each other more. 

Teacher Valentine Shirts

 T-shirts that mean love for teachers. They are the ones who impart knowledge and experience to help you grow in life. Giving gifts to teachers on Valentine's Day is also a humorous meaning of the students. Show love and gratitude of students to their teachers. 

Valentines Day Shirts For Women

 Exactly on Valentine's Day everyone has their own gift. However, women are the weaker sex that needs to be pampered, so we have a small collection for girls. The main colors of these shirts are purple, pink, and yellow, which are feminine. Along with cute designs you will make your girlfriend love and love you even more. 

Valentines Day Shirts For Couples

 This is a very interesting collection of couple shirts. The designs are selected to fit together between men and women. Couple shirt showing the sovereignty of your love is also a way for you and your lover to stand out from the crowd and show great love to each other.

Valentines Day Shirts In One Dress A Day Store

With many colors and designs, One Dress A Day Store is pleased to bring customers the best quality Valentines Day Shirts and the best prices. Explore our Valentines Day collection today for the perfect selection for your Valentine's Day.