You Me And The Christmas Trees

You Me And The Christmas Trees Hallmark Movie 2022

You Me And The Christmas Trees is a romantic drama film by Hallmark Movie. The movie is loved every time Christmas comes.

The film stars Benjamin Ayres as Jack, a guy who runs a Christmas tree farm with trees suddenly falling ill, and Danica McKellar as Olivia, the tree planter who goes out of her way to help him with a leaky role. is a scientist.

Facing difficulties and spending more and more time together. Their feelings have grown and love has come.

You Me And The Christmas Trees Movie Plot

The opening of the film is the setting of Jack – a fourth generation Christmas tree farmer in Avon. A mysterious disease has struck their pine tree, causing the pine farm to slowly die away and threaten his family’s 100-year-old business.

At this moment, Olivia appeared. She is Connecticut’s resident expert on greenery. Olivia used her expertise to try to find the cause and help Jack through this difficult situation.

This is not a strange opening with the Christmas tree motif in previous films. But by being subtle in the settings and dialogue, director Danica McKellar is highly appreciated by film critics.

And in every romantic movie there will be a villain. Dwayne played by Jason Hervey is a mean guy. Always looking to push Jack to difficulties and want to own the pine tree farm.

With the gentle plot and natural acting of You Me And The Christmas Trees Cast, the film has achieved success after releasing the first part in 2021.

In early 2022, Hallmark Movie announced that it would release You Me And The Christmas Trees 2022 one week before Christmas. The information about the cast and the current content is still kept secret

Believe that Hallmark Movie does so to create surprise and curiosity for the audience. What’s better than when on a warm Christmas night we sit together, eat cake, drink coffee and enjoy the movie You Me And The Christmas Trees 2022.

You Me And The Christmas Trees Cast

Danica McKellar as Olivia

Danica McKellar as Olivia
Danica McKellar as Olivia

Danica Mae McKellar (born January 3, 1975) is an American actress. She is also a math writer and education advocate.

Shen has been acting since 1988 as Winnie Cooper in the television series The Wonder Years. She left many good people in her imagination.

In 2021 Danica McKellar joined the casting of You Me And The Christmas Trees and was directed to play Olivia, a tree scientist who took a break from returning home for the holidays to help struggling farmer Jack. Strange disease causes the farm to die slowly.

Benjamin Ayres as Jack

Jason Hervey as Dwayne
Jason Hervey as Dwayne

Benjamin James Ayres (born January 19, 1977) is a Canadian actor best known for his role as Dr. Zach Miller on the CTV series Saving Hope.

The handsome and romantic appearance has made many female fans excited and loved.

Joining in You Me And The Christmas Trees, he was challenged in a new role when he played Jack a farmer whose appearance is always dirty because his job is to take care of pine trees in the state of trees.

Jason Hervey as Dwayne

Benjamin Ayres as Jack
Benjamin Ayres as Jack

Jason Robert Hervey (born April 6, 1972) is an American actor and television producer. Participated in commercials since the age of 4, but it was not until the role of Wayne Arnold in The Wonder Years that Jason Hervey became known to many people. After the success of the role he founded Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television as a television producer.

In You Me And The Christmas Trees, Jason Hervey plays Dwayne, a mean boy who always finds ways to harm and bring Jack down.

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